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Advanced Original Body Stones

Thank you for your interest in LaStone Therapy.


With all LaStone Therapy courses, you will receive an internationally recognised LaStone Therapy certificate once you have successfully completed the course.

Courses are generally run every 6-8 weeks in Sydney, and by demand.  Places are limited, register your interest now.

If you have experience with hot stone massage and would like to upgrade to a LaStone Therapy qualification, we offer a one day course, Beyond Hot Stones, that will bring you up to the same level as Simply Stones (Original Body Part I). This course is run according to demand.  Please contact us to register your interest.


Wherelocation of mel Massage

Courses in Sydney are generally run near Norwest Business Park in Baulkham Hills (M2 and M7 intersection if driving, very close to Meurants T Way stop by public transport) with course hours 9am-6pm.  Click on the map to see a larger version.

LaStone courses can be run at your location, or you can come to a course we schedule.  If you would like on-site training, please contact us for details.  Courses are sometimes run on Sun-Mon or Mon-Tue, please register your interest for days other than Sat-Sun and we can let you know when the next course is running.


Upcoming LaStone Therapy courses

April 2104 Sat 12 - Sun 13 9am - 6pm Original Body
Part I
Sydney $450
May 2014 Sun 4, Sun 11,
 Sat 18, Sun 25
9am - 6pm Original Body (Parts I&II) Sydney $880
August 2014 Sat 2 - Sun3 9am - 6pm Original Body
Part I
Sydney $450

Please contact us to register your interest.

A 50% deposit is required to guarantee your place on a course.

Assessment is competency based. Competency-based assessment is largely activity-based and practical. However, competence also implies that an individual demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge that is the basis of the practical task being carried out. Most of the courses are practical courses involving hands-on treatments where you will be giving and receiving treatments.


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Course Descriptions

Original Body Part I    (Simply Stones)

In this two day course you will learn the art of using alternating temperatures within a fifty-minute treatment designed especially for the spa atmosphere. You will learn techniques in applying heated and chilled stones to the body and the contradictions and considerations for this specialized treatment. You will also be instructed on how to clean and care for all the supplies necessary to bring a little piece of Earth’s tranquility into a short fifty-minute spa treatment. You will also learn proper body mechanics in relationship to the stones, thus saving their hands and wrist from additional strain of being over worked.

 Original Body Part II    (Simply Stones Extended)

In this two day course you will expand on your understanding of Simply Stones’ application of hot and cold temperatures to the body with the foundation of LaStone which is energy work and ceremony through the dance of the stones being applied to the bodies Chakra system; there will be more discussion and hands on experience with alternating temperatures and how you choose to use these various temperatures of the stones in combination with energy balancing techniques.

Simple Stones or Beyond Hot Stones are prerequisites for Simply Stones Extended

 Original Body (Part I & II)

In this Original Body class you will learn how to use heated stones and chilled stones coupled with Swedish massage strokes and Energy balancing techniques to support the full experience of LaStone Therapy. Students learn how to heat and chill the stones and how to control the various temperatures of the stones for use on the client within a therapy session. We focus on Contraindications and why Geo-thermo-therapy is the answer to aiding your clients in physical and emotional self healing. We explain the philosophy encompassing the power of breath, stone placement balanced with ceremony and the effects that authentic LaStone® Therapy treatment has on the “Body-Mind-Soul”. Finally, you will learn how to properly care for your stones and equipment and how to honor the “Harvest” of gathering your own stones so that you can continue to add stones to your original set of hot and cold stones.

NOTE: The two day course Simply Stones (Original Body Part I) plus the two day course Simply Stones Extended (Original Body Part II) will take you to the same level of education that our Original Body course does in four days. The option of studying Simply Stones and then Simply Stones Extended allows you to schedule them as two 2 day courses; whereas Original Body Course is four full days. Simply Stones is run much more often than Original Body.

Advanced Original Body

In this course you will bring with you all that you know and work with regarding ‘energy work’ ‘balancing techniques’ and LaStone Therapy principles and learn how to incorporate them while exploring the power of Breath within a body treatment using ancient toning and Chakra balancing principles woven with LaStone Therapy rituals. When blending these arts the care giver is able to enhance the therapeutic and spiritual benefits that client’s experience by ten fold.

The blending of stones and toning in this unique LaStone session along with the seasonal temperatures of the stones all balanced together through the many levels of an energy session will take your clients on a personal journey of self healing that their soul will remember for a life time.

We will learn abdominal massage with the hot and cold stones and how that supports the body in the healing process. While exploring the Spiritual meanings behind new and Advanced Geo-Thermo-Energy specific “Sacred Strokes” that you will learn to perform with the stones on your client’s body and how that affects their emotional state of being. We will expand on our understanding of geo-thermo-therapy as it relates to LaStone treatments. There will be mini demonstrations of what you will be learning throughout this workshop.

Original Body is a pre-requisite for Advanced Original Body


Beyond Hot StonesStones

Beyond Hot Stones is designed for those who have studied or taken some form of hot stone massage; be that in a workshop or video or read a book and are presently practicing the application of heated stones in some form of bodywork and wish to expand their understanding of basic principles of GeoIn our Beyond Hot Stones mini 1-day workshop you will learn about the Contraindications and Considerations in applying heated and chilled stones to the body; how to design a treatment for those who in deed have a medical condition(s) that require you to adjust the degree of temperature and as important how long you expose someone to alternating temperatures when their health and wellbeing need consideration.

Bring with you all that you know about hot stone massage and allow us to take you along the path of alternating temperatures to expand and enhance your client’s experience and encourage a healing response in their circulatory system by way of heated and chilled stones. Thermotherapy and alternating temperatures on the body have been proven throughout history to promote a healing reaction within the full body; Fr. Sebastian Kneipp from Germany in the 1800’s was one of the Founders in the art of extreme temperatures on the body to generate an internal heating response; allow our instructors to take you on a journey with your stones by way of alternating temperatures and see how your clients and you will respond to the healing powers of heated and chilled stones.

There is no way for us to know for sure what the set of stones you are currently using is capable of achieving with the Beyond Hot Stones course; for this reason you will be able to purchase additional stones if your set of stones is not what you want when you arrive at class.ant when you arrive at class.


A 50% deposit is required to guarantee your place on the course. Earlybird rates require full payment before the Earlybird date.

Cancellations more than 21 days in advance of a course, taught by Melanie, your full deposit will be refunded; cancellations 8-21 days prior to a workshop, 50% of the deposit is non-refundable; cancellations 7 days or less prior to the workshop, the entire deposit is non-refundable.
For international lecturers, there is a non-refundable $75 administration fee included in the course fee.  Cancellations before the end of the Earlybird period are a full refund less the Admin fee. Cancellations between the end of the Earlybird date and 8 weeks before the course 75% of the course fee less the Admin fee is refunded. Cancellations 8-4 weeks before the course date 50% of the course fee less the Admin fee will be refunded.  Cancellations 28 days or less before the course date, no refund.

Courses may be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers.  In this case you will receive a full refund.



We supply all stones and heaters for use during training, you don't need to purchase any additional equipment to attend the training. If you already have stones, please bring them to the training and we can see if your set needs to be added to to match a LaStone configuration.

We have hot and chilled stones available for purchase. ($580 for 54 hot stones, $420 for 21 cold stones, smaller cold sets available, $300 12 cold stone Simply Stones set, $200 10 cold stone Simply Stones Extended set, $130 7 cold stone facial set )

The most affordable (less than $200) and reliable stone heater we have come across is the Firm'n'Fold 18 Litre Massage Stone Heater

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