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Pregnant or know someone that is?
Or just had a baby?


Being pregnant is a wonderful time of life, but it can also be an extremely uncomfortable time.  Hormones are allowing your body's joints to stretch to accommodate the baby while your muscles are trying to hold everything where it used to be - this leads to aches and pains.  On top of this your sleep patterns are, to put it mildly, disrupted, adding more stress and that foggy not-quite-enough-sleep feeling. Add to this mix surging hormones and it's amazing you can do half of what you are managing to do.  Sound familiar?

Call 0410 621 409 or email to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

Take some time out for you - get a massage. Massage can help ease the tension in your muscles and help you to relax you so you sleep better.  With the use of a special cushioning system, you can even lie face down until late in your pregnancy.  Most women find the cushion so comfortable they want to take it home with them! Some mothers-to-be even want to spend their whole massage appointment face down. Our cushioning system allows you to lie face down half way between lying flat and being on all fours.  We do not use a table with a hole or trapdoor in it - even if you are not pregnant lying over a hole can add unnecessary strain on the back. Our cushioning system allows you to lie face down half way between lying flat and being on all fours and does not add any strain to uterine ligaments as can occur with pregnancy massage tables.

If you are a first-time Mum, or have child number three on the way, pregnancy massage will help your body adjust to your changing form.

Massage offers a safe and relaxing way to relieve some of pregnancy's discomforts. Nurture both you and your baby from the first trimester through to post-partum recovery. Specialised massage and subtle energy techniques provide a balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Your prenatal massage soothes the common aches and pains of pregnancy by increasing circulation in the most affected areas such as feet, legs, hips and back. It also improves comfort by reducing general water retention and swelling.

Our prenatal massage focuses on increasing circulation of the extremities as well as addressing upper and lower back issues. Every massage is done using jojoba oil - this is not actually an oil, but a plant wax that is readily absorbed into your skin without leaving an oily feeling. Even though you are treated by a fully qualified aromatherapist, aromatherapy oils will not be used until almost full term.

If you are particularly concerned with leg and feet problems we also offer a 45 minute Leg Pampering session. During the later stages of pregnancy, ankles and feet swell. We can reduce the discomfort with a refreshing foot bath and scrub using pregnancy safe products,  and a much-needed calf, ankle and foot massage.  This can be combined with a massage, or as a stand alone treatment.


During pregnancy your muscles are constantly flexing to balance your ever-changing center of gravity, and massage can help your body adjust to your new state beautifully. All the aches and pains that accompany the joy of pregnancy can be eased or alleviated with quality bodywork throughout your pregnancy.


You will be in good hands with our experts. Because we work with pregnant women all the time we know just how to relieve your discomforts. You may always feel free to communicate needs for your massage (deeper pressure, ticklish areas, etc.). We not only welcome your feedback, we appreciate the opportunity to give you a custom massage designed for you.  We also treat non-pregnant clients, including stressed-out husbands.


After you've had your baby, massage can still help with all those aches and pains and stress, helping you to sleep better.  The special cushioning system used during pregnancy massage can still be used to help with any tenderness when lying on your stomach.

Click here for some pregnancy and massage Frequently Asked Questions, or here for some post-partum massage questions. 


Appointments are available either in the comfort of your own home, evenings and weekends, or from the clinic near Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills, in Sydney's north west.  Home visits are recommended just after you've had the baby.


Gift Certificates are also available. Manicures and pedicures are also available.

One hour massages at the clinic in Glenwood are $120.

One hour pregnancy massages in your home start from $150 (this covers a 30min radius from Baulkham Hills, home visits beyond this may incur an additional fee). Suburbs we cover include Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Kellyville, Rouse Hill, Stanhope Gardens, Glenwood, Newbury, Bella Vista, Acacia Gardens, The Ponds, Glenhaven and Beaumont Hills.

45 minute Leg Pampering is $100 at the clinic, and from $150 in your home.  This treatment includes basic foot and heel care plus an extensive foot and leg massage using reflexology and lymphatic techniques which may help with swollen feet and ankles. There is a one hour minimum for home visits, so why not combine it with a 30min back massage?

Our one hour prenatal pedicure includes the same techniques for swollen feet and ankles, with a more extensive foot care, which usually is focused on your heels.  $100 at the clinic, from $140 in your home.

Health fund rebates for massage, are available from most major health funds, if you are in a heath fund table that covers remedial massage. Please note, most health funds only cover clinic appointments, they do not cover home visits. Of the major funds, only NIB covers home visits.


Click here for details about your therapist.

Call 0410 621 409 or email to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

You might be interested in this website about baby position (this really only matters from about week 34, but is interesting beforehand while the baby is still moving around a lot).

Here's another article, this one is about pubic pain during pregnancy and how it can affect the position of the baby.


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