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 Hot Stone Massage Kits and other Supplies

We are pleased to announce we have hot stone massage stone kits available for you to buy. Click here to read some feedback we have received on our sets. All sets come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


48 stone kit

48 piece set, stones shown oiled
 (that's a 15cm metal ruler and a 45 cm metal ruler in the picture)

Most of the hot stone sets currently available in Australia seem to be either small kits of around 30, or big sets of 55 or more.  A small set of 30 or less stones may limit what you can can offer with your stones (trigger point work, reflexology, etc).  A large set of 55+ stones, starts to get very expensive, and can be a bit intimidating to start with.  We have 48 stone sets available, hopefully you will find them not too many, not too few, but just right for your requirements.

The 48 piece hot stone set is $490.  The set is made up of basalt and granite, from Australia, Mexico, Arizona and Indonesia. All stones are suitable for massage and placement.  Shapes vary from round, squashed ball shape to quite flat, from about 15cm to tiny 1cm toe stones. There are a variety of shapes for different needs during a treatment, including trigger point, contouring, placement, as well as the expected stones for general massage. Our sets are put together by a hot stone massage practitioner with over 10 years experience in working with stones for massage, she is also a qualified beauty therapist who understands the needs of beauty and massage.  The stones are a variety of textures, shapes and size.  For example, you don't want glass smooth stones for trigger point work that will slide off easily, you need something with a bit more grip, but you do need almost glass smooth for facial work.  You don't need a pair of identically weighted trigger point stones - you will only be working with one trigger point stone at a time, the same way you don't work 2 different tight spots with deep pressure at the same time. Not many sets of stones are put together by people that understand the different needs of the therapist.

We also have 54 piece LaStone certified stone sets available for $580.

Recently there have been reports that natural stones are not safe because they heat unevenly leading to burns - it is not the stones that burn, but heating incorrectly and using them for placement/massage incorrectly.  If you are heating wax for hair removal in a rice cooker and applying it directly on a clients legs you would expect the wax to burn, it's the fault of the technician heating the wax incorrectly.  If stones are heated to that same temperature they will burn. If you use equipment that heats to a safe temperature, using stones, or any other instrument, is safe, it's the temperature that is the concern, not the material.
There are also reports of hygiene issues with natural stones, rather than highly polished man-made surfaces. If you set up your heater correctly with sanitiser, and clean you stones each day, this is not a concern.  The same care should be used with stones, natural or polished, as with bowls used for pedicures etc. If OH&S standards are not followed, OH&S issues may occur.
If your natural stones are used with the same common sense applied to other tools that are in contact with the skin, there will be no issues.


oiled/unoiled stones

Sets are shipped unoiled with full instructions on how to care for you stones.  The above photo shows the difference between oiled and unoiled stones.

Cold stones quartzite stones from Indonesia and northern NSW are also available. Most of these stones are more for placement than massage, but we are working on obtaining some suitable for massage.

Crystal chakra sets are also available to purchase, plus a crystal master set, for those practitioners ready to go beyond "7 stones for 7 chakras".

Chakra crystal set

Our 8 piece chakra kit ( bloodstone, red jasper, orange calcite, green aventurine and rose quartz, blue calcite, amethyst and clear quartz) is $80. Each stone is about 3cm in diameter and flat, so they don't tend to roll off (though they will still slide off).

rose quartz
closeup of rose quartz

engraved chakra crystal set
engraved chakra crystal set SOLD OUT
amethyst, sodalite or lapis lazuli, blue calcite, green adventurine or jade, orange calcite, red jasper, obsidian


21 piece crystal master set
21 piece crystal master set $150


Stones can be delivered to anywhere in Australia, using Australia Post, or they can be collected near Baulkham Hills in Sydney.  Shipping for a 48 stone set starts from $30 in the Sydney region as insured registered post, up to about $70 for shipping to WA. Crystal sets ship for $15 Australia-wide.

Payments for purchases can be made by credit card, online banking, money order, cash or cheque.

If you are looking for a hot stone heater, we use and recommend Firm 'n' Fold 18 Litre Massage Stone Heater18 Litre Massage Stone Heater the most affordable (less than $200) and reliable heater we have found in Australia.

If you are looking for cold stones, please contact us for more information, we do stock carved cold stones .

All basalt and granite stones come with a lifetime guarantee - if a stone is damaged, return the stone and we will endeavor to replace it with a similar stone, if a match can not be found, we may need to replace the pair.

If you feel uncomfortable buying stones over the internet without seeing them first, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on the stone sets (not on the shipping).  If you are unhappy with the stones for any reason, you can let us know why you are unhappy, return the stones, and we will refund the cost of the set, no further questions asked. All returns must be pre-approved. In the eight years we have been selling stones, no-one has chosen to use this guarantee.

Email to discuss your needs.


Feedback on our sets

Thanks Mel, used the stones twice this week already and we are very happy together, thanks again   Sue, Concord, NSW

When I work with the stones I find them very easy to work with as they slide so gently and I can feel the muscle after, the blood supply is a lot better. The muscle is softer, and if other work has to be done, it is painless for the client. I am really happy to have gone this way of massage. At first I found that I was nervous in using them, but after a couple of times the stones have become one with me.
I hope to do many more massages in this manner. Christina, Rushworth, VIC


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